You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.
How I work

UX Strategy

I establish UX strategies that link product vision, brand, and business outcomes with real user needs and motivations. Focused on the lasted technology developments and design interaction principles.

UX Research

I include a user-centered vision that is deliberately aligned across the business performance. I run user research and user testing to inform and drive product decisions.

UX Measurements

I love data analysis! And it is always my backbone to test my assumptions and get a clear picture of what works, what doesn't, and why, to leverage the current user experience.



Synthesizer and Prioritizer

I'm at my best when working on challenging projects with talented teammates. I like to innovate and have fun on the way. I have years of experience getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience.

Getting into users' heads to answer questions from "What should we build?" to "Did we build it right?". Establish behavior patterns and correlations. Validate personas based on data observations.
Turning research data into user models on actionable insights and decisions. Managing design workload based on user value, product risk, project constraints and business goals.

Four Factor in Design Transformation


Mindset over design. Knowledge about and attitudes towards UX, as well as cultivating UX careers and practitioners' growth.


Design process efficiency. Systematic, efficient use of UX research and design methodologies and tools.


Customer-centric strategy qualities. UX leadership, planning, and resource prioritization.



Innovation capabilities. Intentional definition of goals and measurement of the results produced by UX work aligned with business vision and goals.

I consider that thinking about how we design strategies, is more important than what products can we create. Design does not evolve on its own, everything is in motion, signals, and trends shape design every day. From a strategic perspective, I look at the internal and external factors to extend the business and end user's agency and the importance of a strategy that works.

Measure Impact
Measure Impact
Measure Impact
Measure Impact

Making life better by design





Diagnostic Tool
Design System Canvas

Visual canvas to define your design system strategy and action plan. A design action-oriented template to iterate with your stakeholders to build a shared perspective on how design affects your business performance and growth.

Becker CPA
Homepage Redesign

Since its foundation, Becker's CPA exam review application had received very few homepage alterations. Accordingly, it became very outdated and not user-focused. Time was pressing for a radical new homepage redesign that enhanced user engagement and tailoring the learning experience to the individual student's needs.

The short turn strategy of Becker is to move from a fill-to-all experience to a hyper-personalized one. With the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are moving from the concept of Progress to Proficiency.

Are you aware of the busines value of design?
Design transformation only works when it is effective in supporting the internal business value and external customer value.
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