Currently, my work is to help to create usable and delightful online experiences for eLearning web applications.

I am a data-driven designer with a huge curiosity for how future technologies will shape the design creation process. I am currently interested in designing future digital experiences focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML).

My name is Joana Cerejo, and I am a Product Designer & User Researcher based in Porto, Portugal.

I can empower you to make better products & services
How can I help you?

UX Consultancy

I can help you to establish UX strategies that link product vision, brand and business objectives with real user needs. Focused on the lasted technology developments and design interaction principles.

User Research

I can help you with building your next disruptive feature. I can build ideas that create new value by understanding user needs, behaviours, mindset and motivators.

UX Auditing

I can help you peel back the assumptions and get a clear picture of what works, what doesn't, and why, to leverage you current user experience.

Training & Workshops

I have a large experience in training teams and individuals. I can empower your team to make better products and services.
Find out about my work and learn more about what I offer.

Apply for a pro-bono project!

If you have a problem with a social impact without private funding, feel free to apply here for pro-bono consulting service. Let's make people's life better together!
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