Visual Template for Strategic Planning Process


Diagnostic Design System Canvas

Visual canvas to define your design system strategy and action plan. A design action-oriented template to iterate with your stakeholders to build a shared perspective on how design affects your business performance and growth.
"Here's a simple truth: you can't innovate on products without first innovating the way you build them."
Alex Schleifer, Airbnb
This canvas helps you to align design efforts and resources to support your business growth and success. And does that by assessing these three pillars — Support, Building, and Adoption.
Design and development do not scale through hiring only – The business requirements pressure designers and developers to build more, faster, and better, but without standards in place, every new hire is going to further slowdown the process.

Understand how your business processes and workflows affect design and how your design outcomes affect your end users.

Build a shared perspective of how design affects your business and vice versa to formulate your design system business strategy. The canvas will guide you to establish metrics and criteria to measure the progress of different milestones and phases.

Use it to:

1. Understanding how your business affects design (internal)

2. Understanding how your users affects design (external)

3. Establishing design rules of engagement

4. Defining your design system approach

5. Creating the right design team

Do you want to know more how to run a design system canvas session?
Design systems are effective only when they work to support the internal business value and external customer value.
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