Joana Cerejo - UX Designer, UX Strategist and AI Interactive Designer

I'm Joana Cerejo, a Lead UX Designer at Emergn.

I'm passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data, and especially the Human Experience.

I can create groundbreaking experiences that make a measurable difference to the way people live and to the way you do business.

With over 10 years of experience in the design and technology industry, I have honed my UX strategic skills and expertise in creating innovative and effective design solutions.

As a seasoned design leader, I have a proven track record of driving design teams and delivering successful projects across a range of industries, including technology, learning, and fintech. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a deep commitment to user-centered design, utilizing user research and data-driven design approach, to inform product decisions and drive business outcomes to fully embrace the value of design and to be championed by top-level leaders. This drives my company to keep seeking more opportunities to continually build company intuition and knowledge of their users.

Rising Star Award Nominations - This award will honor those in the beginning stages of their AI career who have demonstrated exemplary leadership traits.
Joana Cerejo Nominee for the 2021 Women in AI Awards by VentureBeat AI Innovation Awards

How can businesses imagine
and create Better Experiences?

In an ever-evolving digital world, businesses and people are the most unpredictable variables. I help organizations to equip themselves with rapid methods and tools to keep up with fast and evolving markets to build solutions that empower and enable their user and their teams for a sustained digital transformation process. I am able to bring together Design + Product Management + Technology to pursue better experiences.

Algorithms still have a long way to go…

To successfully move forward towards Human-centered AI solutions, you need a new way of understanding the many dimensions of your users' needs, motivations and mental models if you truly want to survive in such a competitive and fast market.

According to VentureBeat and Gartner between 80 to 85% of data analytics & AI projects are failing to deliver outcomes. If your solution requires human engagement to produce value, then the user experience of your solution is as important as the technology behind it.

Deliverable - Excel file
The Excel Design Debt + UX Audit calculator provides everything you need to run your internal UX debt and audit assessment. It comes aligned with the 10 Nielson's Heuristics where you can audit your current UX quality and measure where your gaps lie in terms of user data, user experience, and customer satisfaction. From this vantage point, you can help product teams move the product/service forward in its UX maturity, as well as lower its long-standing UX debt.


I am a certified UX Designer and Mentor

NN/g - Nielson and Norman Group, World Leaders in Research-Based User Experience
Interaction Design Foundation
Growth Mentor: The Platform to Level-Up Your Growth
My Latest Reviews from Growthmentor
Ashiq Korikkar
1 Nov 2022
Joana is extremely knowledgable about design and product management. She was very enthusiastic to help out and gave great advice. She shared specific feedback on copy and UI that we can quickly implement, as well as strategic feedback on how to structure product discovery. Would highly recommend her!
Ayub Yanturin
30 Sep 2022
Joana was very candid and generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. She has a tremendous experience in UX. Her talk was not only useful but very inspiring. Our 30 min was really well-spent and I'm glad I chose to reach out to her. She was very enthusiastic on everything UX but also had some specific suggestions and ideas on how to approach the cleint depending on personality type. I'm looking forward to continuing to speak with Joana going forward! Highly recommended!
Synthia Smyth
14 Jul 2022
Joana was friendly and knowledgeable. Together, we went through the design of my project and she gave me a lot of feedback. Furthermore, she gave me some non-design related ideas that were very helpful and I intend to implement. I look forward to having another call with her soon.
Khaled Bentoumi
29 Jun 2022
Joana was quick to understand the problems I'm trying to solve with my Software. She helped identify the concerns my leads can have during the onboarding process and gave me UX solutions to answer those concerns. We also went through my landing page and there Joana explained me how to think as my potential costumers and craft a copy to get them to sign up.
Harry Haines
3 may 2022
Unbelievable conversation which has helped me angle my communication messaging. Looking forward to catching up again!
Pamela Carvalho
23 May 2022
I can not be more grateful for Joana's call. She gave me stellar feedback on the UX/UI and proposed some important questions on what users may need. I can't recommend her enough if you're in for some insightful feedback on your product. I'm looking forward to talking to her again soon!
Gopi Sukhavasi
31 Mar 2022
Joana did a detailed analysis of our landing page design and gave very good points. She gave ideas on how we can improve the home page and also talked about things that are very important but we are not looking at such as accessibility audits, accordion structure etc. Very insightful on the UX/UI.
Sergey Bogdanov
1 Mar 2022
Amazing specialist with good knowlende and friendliness. Joana even pointed few our miscalculations which we never even though.
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