System Usability Scale (SUS) Calculator

SUS Excel Calculator

Deliverable - Excel file
⭐ WHAT IS THIS? Are you looking to improve the usability of your product or system and provide an exceptional user experience?
If so, this tool is for you. Introducing this powerful SUS calculator Excel tool - the ultimate solution to measuring and improving the usability of your product or service! Revolutionize your product usability by maximizing growth with this unique SUS calculator Excel tool.

⭐ FOR WHOM? Whether you're a product manager, designer, or UX researcher, this SUS calculator can help you make informed decisions to improve the user experience, drive growth, and ultimately achieve business success. This tool will provide you with valuable insights into the user experience, helping you identify areas for improvement and ultimately driving business growth.

⭐ HOW IT WORKS? With this powerful tool, you can easily calculate and interpret your SUS scores, without having to do complicated calculations. This tool will do it automatically for you! You have now the opportunity to gain insights into the usability of your product and identify areas for improvement.

⭐ With this easy-to-use tool, you can quickly and easily calculate SUS scores, benchmark against industry standards, and even correlate SUS scores with other factors such as user demographics. Best of all, this SUS calculator is designed to handle missing data and can process up to 1000 participants, saving you valuable time and resources. Try it today and see the difference it can make when you have to buy in your leadership or stakeholders!
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